History/ Bios

Glenn & Ginnie purchased their “Ski Cabin” in 2004 with a plan to retire in Skykomish in 2020. They moved here a little earlier than expected and in Jan. 2013 they became full time residents. In April of 2018 the Deli was for sale and they didn’t think much of it until there were no buyers and the liquidation sale was on. After talking with Steve and developing a plan… the rest is history!

With 27 years in the printing industry, I moved to Skykomish. Shortly after, I was laid off, collecting unemployment. I was hired to work for the town and literally fell into the water industry. That was the beginning of the cleanup and I was fortunate enough to be on the ground floor as the rebuild was happening. With living and working up here, my hunger for pizza became to difficult fill. That is why I started to make my own. After fine tuning my recipe, I began to make pizzas for friends, even delivering them during the sportsing games.
“It is just as easy to make ten pizzas as it is to make one.”

Fast forward 12 years, the Sky Deli is starting to close down, for sale signs went up, everyone was sad to see it close but nobody was willing to pull the trigger. Along comes my neighbor Glenn, asking about the deli, saying we should keep it going, nobody wants to see it closed…
Well, opening weekend was to be a soft opening. Yeah, on Memorial Day weekend!
It was a blast! 1200 plus pizzas later and we are glad we took that jump.

A huge thank you to everyone for your support and here’s to a successful future!

Steve Larner

Sky Vue Cafe in Beautiful Skykomish